This is our turf, the period of time when a potential disease is still potential, and a functional imbalance or tendency has not caused any organic disruption. Those years of poor digestion, heartburn, and the systematic suppression of upper intestinal function by adrenalin stress have not become overt gastritis, ulcers, or IBS. You have symptoms of distress (subclinical) but no real, ripened clinical disease. Some medical authorities (usually administrative docs from the spokesman and quack-patrol ranks of industry, academia or agency) actually insist that there is no such thing as a subclinical are either SICK or NOT SICK and presumably well. Sort of like the mechanic saying that the car works or doesn't work...four quarts low on oil, but it WORKS. Only when it is five quarts low and has a seized-up engine is there a need for a mechanic.

Herbal-medical glossary. 2015.

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